Adam Thomas Art Show uncommon ground - Lakeview

Artist Statement for Adam Thomas
January 25, 2016-April 18, 2016

Nature has always inspired my work. The journey to my current paintings simply started out with me painting trees and clouds very loosely, while pulling the viewer into the scene. As I became more confident, my pieces became more and more realistic. Today, I am on a new path of abstracting nature with the same goals: creating depth and contrasts. Some pieces are abstracted landscapes and cloudscapes, while others are reflections of nature in water, reminiscent of Monet's water lily paintings. Using a wax medium, I layer on color with a pallet knife and remove, then reapply. I find the bold texture adds another level of depth to my work.



Uncommon Ground on Clark (Lakeview) Established 1991. Home of Greenstar Brewing organic brewery

3800 North Clark Street,

Chicago, IL 60613

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Uncommon Ground on Devon (Edgewater) Established 2007. Home of the 1st Certified Organic Roof Top Farm in the US

1401 West Devon Avenue,

Chicago, IL 60660

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