Steven Green Art Show Up Now! uncommon ground - Edgewater

Hang Date 11/6/17 Art Opening 11/9/17 6-8pm Strike Date 1/22/18


My professional life as an artist has always been process oriented. Early in my career, it was the nonrepresentational image derived from the use of materials or the process of multiple layering of the art materials in which the image would emerge. My current artwork explores the image, “the city”. The initial structural forms are derived from multiple quick sketches of the chosen urban site. With the basic form in place, I can then use color to create the desired atmosphere and light upon the forms. The current work on display is a representational sample of the paintings I completed between 2013 and 2017.

As a current cook with the Uncommon Ground family, I’m excited to contribute: LOOK as well as EAT of the Uncommon Ground theme.

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Uncommon Ground on Clark (Lakeview) Established 1991. Home of Greenstar Brewing organic brewery

3800 North Clark Street,

Chicago, IL 60613

Phone. 773-929-3680

Uncommon Ground on Devon (Edgewater) Established 2007. Home of the 1st Certified Organic Roof Top Farm in the US

1401 West Devon Avenue,

Chicago, IL 60660

Phone. 773-465-9801