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Uncommon Ground patrons will be dining with demons this fall as the

Lakeview restaurant hosts “Believe in Your Demons,” an exhibition of sculpture by Heather Hug.

Art show runs 9/22-12/5/16


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Hang Date: June 27th

Art Opening: June 30th

Strike Date: December 15th

Contact: shannonfavia@gmail.com

I was born and raised in Lima, Ohio and have loved making art since the 3rd grade. I earned my BFA and teaching degree from Bowling Green State University.

I moved to Chicago in 1998 for my first teaching job, where I taught and shared my enthusiam for Art to K-8th graders for eight yrs. Supportive administrators allowed me to use my classroom as a studio on the weekends and summer.

At the first art festival I participated in, a buyer from Saks Fifth Avenue bought 9 of my shoe paintings for their Las Vegas store. This was a pivotal sale in my career, that gave me the confidence to continue following my dream.

My work has been ex...

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Hang Date 4/18/16 Art Opening 4/27 6-8pm

My art contributes to me as a human and I feel it is my responsibility to express that. I believe it is a gift and that I have an obligation to share that gift in order to fulfill my spiritual survival.
My inspirations include hyperbole, polar opposition, landscape, and the motivation of all life to continue no matter how hard the struggle. I am inspired by mans’ propensity to self-destruct vs. the peace and harmony of nature.
I have never once met a dandelion that was willing to commit suicide.

Encaustic Art signifies to me a release of my inner self to a level of calmness. I live in my art world because, in my opinion, it mirrors life. Every day we learn. We can’t help it. In life or...

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Fly’s Eye Photography

Hang Date: 4/8/16 Opening Reception: 4/28/16 6pm Strike Date: 6/20/16

312 725-8394
<a href="www.bitly.com/buyflyphotos">www.bitly.com/buyflyphotos</a>

<a href="www.bitly.com/flyseye">www.bitly.com/flyseye</a>

Hello, my name is Kevin Flynn and I just want to say thank you for letting me show my work in this fine restaurant and music destination. Being a lifelong Chicagoan, I love to wander the city and lakefront in search of a good shot that I haven’t done before. I never know if it will appear to me, but having fun trying is always the outcome.

My photography began in 2012 without the intention of it becoming a passion and continuing pursuit. But the more photos that I took, the ...

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Artist Statement for Adam Thomas
January 25, 2016-April 18, 2016

Nature has always inspired my work. The journey to my current paintings simply started out with me painting trees and clouds very loosely, while pulling the viewer into the scene. As I became more confident, my pieces became more and more realistic. Today, I am on a new path of abstracting nature with the same goals: creating depth and contrasts. Some pieces are abstracted landscapes and cloudscapes, while others are reflections of nature in water, reminiscent of Monet's water lily paintings. Using a wax medium, I layer on color with a pallet knife and remove, then reapply. I find the bold texture adds another level of depth to my work.


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Edgewater Artists in Motion Group Show

November 2, 2015-January 25, 2016


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Lindsey Claire Newman Art Show up 9/14-11/9/15 at uncommon ground Lakeview

"I prefer to crunch as many shells under bare feet as I can.

I walk harder to help the world dissolve"


contact: linzatronic@gmail.com

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Sarah E. Wain "Let's Eat" Art Show uncommon ground Edgewater

Hang Date: 8/10/15 Opening Date: Thursday 8/13/15 6pm


About the Artist:

Let’s Eat
August 10 - November 2
For the past few years I have been exploring the subject of food. I believe food to be essential,
it is our common ground, and it is inherently beautiful. For these reasons, food deserves to be
examined on a larger scale.
Most recently I have painted raw fruits and vegetables. These subjects offer such a wide range
of colors, textures, and organic shapes. Their simplicity and vibrancy appeal to our sense of
what is natural and what is pure. Alternatively, cakes, tarts, and breads are unique for the skills
and labor required to transform singular ingredients into a cohesive whole. The complexity and
refinement of baked goods show the expertise of the baker, while offering the artist a new
range of challenging textures, colors, and forms.
Beyond aesthetics, food is experiential. Images of food activate the viewer’s sense of taste and
smell. Food also evokes strong memories of time shared in the kitchen and around the table
with friends and family.
Through this series of paintings, I wish to speak to both the beauty and experience of food. I do
this by enlarging the subjects on plain backgrounds and painting the compositions in a photo-
realistic manner. By enhancing the size and focusing on minute details, viewers can see and
experience food in a new light.
Sarah Wain is a Chicago-based painter specializing in realistic oil painting. She has shown her
food paintings in galleries and eateries throughout the Midwest, including shows in Wichita,
Kansas and Bloomington, Indiana. In Chicago, her work has been displayed at the Cook County
Treasurer’s Office, Café Selmarie, and Sweet Sensations Pastry.
Sarah graduated from William Jewell College in Liberty, Missouri with a degree in Art Education.
Since then, Sarah has worked as a public school art educator in Missouri, Indiana, and now
Illinois. She currently teachers art to high school students at Lane Tech College Prep, a selective
enrollment school in Chicago.
Contact Sarah through her website at http://sarahewain.com to purchase originals, prints, or
request commissions. Or, email her directly at sarah@sarahewain.com.

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