Ben De La Cour 5/17 LAKEVIEW

Levi Parham 5/18 LAKEVIEW

Kathryn Dean 6-3 Edgewater

Max Hatt & Edda Glass w/ special guest Kelsey Wild 6/10 LAKEVIEW

Rachael Sage 6/9 EDGEWATER


Uncommon Ground on Clark (Lakeview) Established 1991. Home of Greenstar Brewing organic brewery

3800 North Clark Street,

Chicago, IL 60613

Phone. 773-929-3680

Uncommon Ground on Devon (Edgewater) Established 2007. Home of the 1st Certified Organic Roof Top Farm in the US

1401 West Devon Avenue,

Chicago, IL 60660

Phone. 773-465-9801