Chicaco Sun-Times

Time Out Chicago / Issue 162 : Apr 3–9, 2008
2008 Eat Out Awards

Readers' choice
Best New Breakfast Spot
Uncommon Ground on Devon
Who says brunch has to be a greasy, carb-laden affair that leaves you feeling sluggish (and in desperate need of Tums)? Certainly not Helen and Michael Cameron, longtime owners of Lakeview’s beloved Uncommon Ground. Teeming with sustainable, local and seasonal fare, the new location has dramatically raised the bar for Edgewater breakfasters with dishes such as whole-wheat banana pancakes with organic goji syrup and a lumberjack-worthy bacon-cheddar melt. Not content with merely improving upon the stuffy old eggs Benny, the restaurant also turns up the wattage on early morning libations with a blood-orange Bellini and a bacon Bloody Mary.
1401 W Devon Ave, 773-465-9801.
—K. Tighe


Uncommon Ground on Clark (Lakeview) Established 1991. Home of Greenstar Brewing organic brewery

3800 North Clark Street,

Chicago, IL 60613

Phone. 773-929-3680

Uncommon Ground on Devon (Edgewater) Established 2007. Home of the 1st Certified Organic Roof Top Farm in the US

1401 West Devon Avenue,

Chicago, IL 60660

Phone. 773-465-9801