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In 2009, uncommon ground planted 10,000 trees abroad in India through their eco-cocktail program.

In 2010, the focus turned much more local with the introduction of the uncommon ground Agripolitan™ cocktail, featuring

Prairie organic vodka and seasonal ingredients served martini style.

For every uncommon ground Agripolitan™ cocktail sold, a portion of the proceeds are donated to Chicago Rarities Orchard

Project (CROP), dedicated to establishing rare fruit orchards in Chicago. In 2010, over 3500 Uncommon Ground Agripolitan™ cocktails were sold.

uncommon ground employee Jeff Graupner was selected among dozens of entries as the official winner for naming the uncommon ground Agripolitan™ cocktail.  CROP will dedicate a tree in the first orchard to Graupner with a special commemorative plaque. The cocktails' name will stay the same in 2011, but the recipe will change with the seasons and will mostly focus on orchard fruits.

The uncommon ground Agripolitan™ cocktail is available at both uncommon ground locations: 3800 North Clark Street and 1401 West Devon Avenue in Chicago.

For more information on CROP and uncommon ground green initiatives, please visit: