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Eric Futran

Eric Futran is a food and culinary photographer centrally located in Chicago, Illinois. He shoots pictures in such three star establishments as Louis VX in Monte Carlo and Paul Bocuse in Lyon, but he also snaps photo behind the scenes at fast food and Mom and Pop joints all over the country.

He understands the working realities of the food business. He's been doing this for over 15 years. He's been the official photographer for both the Bocuse D'or cooking competition in France and the prestigious Team USA entry in the Culinary Olympics in Germany. He photographs for the Culinary Institute of America at both their Hyde Park and Napa Valley locations and has toured the country shooting cookbooks for the Discovery Channel's Great Chefs.

Eric is comfortable shooting food, food people and food industry related products. His motto is "From French Fryers to French Chefs". His commercial clients include food manufacturers and distributors, equipment manufacturers, and food service contractors, as well as fast food chains and white tablecloth restaurant groups. He shoots for a wide variety of trade and consumer magazines.

He loves what he does and is ridiculously easy to work with (although his bad puns and off key singing can cause some problems). He has a large stock library of images available for sale.

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