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local craft beer

greenstar certified organic ‘certifiable’ apa   chicago (4.6%,16oz.) 
35 IBUs, certified organic and brewed at uncommon ground on clark street!  A session-able pale ale with a strong hop backbone and a malty balance, at only 35 IBU's, and under 5 percent alcohol, it's a perfectly balanced beer to have a few of and still get up from the table!  First impressions give a caramel and toasted malt nose and flavor, with a creamy but not overpowering mouth feel, followed by a smooth bitterness leading into hoppy grapefruit, passion fruit, and slightly bright citrus, showcasing a special blend of organic American hops.

greenstar certified organic ‘spaceship’ ipa    chicago (6.9%, 16oz.) 
55 IBUs, IPA should be a perfect celebration of hops!  It should be full of hop flavor with enough bitterness to know its there, but not enough to knock your taste buds out with the first sip. Greenstar IPA is no exception, it has a wonderful orange marmalade aroma, the first taste gives a creamy malt sweetness, almost instantly balanced by a smooth bitterness and then a bouquet of piney, tangerine and grape from the blend of organic hops. 

greenstar certified organic ‘first gear’ porter   chicago (5.5%,  13oz.) 
35 IBUs, Porter was originally named after the hard working folks that would haul gear in London's markets.  It's a beer meant for people who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty and want a delicious pint at the end of the day.  Our Porter is no exception, bready, rich, dark, and chocolaty, with notes of vanilla, molasses, and fresh pipe tobacco, this is surely a beer to enjoy after a hard day, or any day, for that matter!

greenstar certified organic ‘mixmaster mocha’ porter   chicago (5.5%,  13oz.) 
35 IBUs, This is a bourbon barrel aged coffee chocolate porter!  We infused our "First Gear" porter with a healthy addition of our house espresso blend coffee from Metropolis, let it spend some time in a bourbon barrel, and then added TCHO organic cacao nibs.  If you're a fan of our First Gear, you'll love this, take all the rich complexity of the original porter and add earthy chocolate goodness from the cacao nibs, smooth espresso brightness, and bourbon vanilla and oak, and you have this porter!

greenstar certified organic ‘spicy monk’ holiday ale   chicago (8.7%,  10.5oz.) 
Every year the Monasteries in Belgium work extra hard to provide the public with a very special beer to celebrate the middle of winter. Each brewer's interpretation varies, however, as the Belgians would consider style guidelines as a stifling of their creativity! Our Holiday ale is a Trappist ale that has gotten an addition of locally sourced organic ceylon cinnamon and clove buds. The resulting beer has a wonderful creamy malt sweetness followed by dried fruit notes from the yeast, a nice accent of spicy flavor, and clean finish. A great choice for cold winter days and to raise your glass to the season!

vander mill 'totally roasted' cider, michigan  10.5oz / 6.8%  ABV  
lagunitas pilsner, chicago  16oz / 6%  ABV  
tyranena 'rocky’s revenge' american brown ale, wisconsin  13oz / 5.75% ABV  
dark horse '4 elf' winter warmer ale, michigan  8.5oz / 9% ABV             
lakefront 'holiday spice' lager, wisconsin  10.5oz / 9.4% ABV               
begyle 'christmas' ale, chicago  10.5oz / 7% ABV
bridgeport ‘ebenezer’ ale, oregon  13oz / 6.4% ABV

*all draft beers also available in a 5 ounce pour  

craft beer flight (four 5oz pours of your choice)  

bottles & cans
two brother's ‘cane & ebel’ hopped red rye, illinois  7% ABV     
lagunitas ipa, chicago  6.2% ABV  
capital ‘supper club’ lager, wisconsin  5.2% ABV  
goose island ‘matilda’ belgian pale ale, chicago  7% ABV  
great lakes ‘edmund fitzgerald’ porter, ohio  5.8% ABV  
tyranena ‘bitter woman’ ipa, wisconsin  5.75% ABV  
metropolitan ‘flywheel’ lager, chicago   5% ABV  
goose island ‘festivity’ ale, chicago  7.7% ABV              
great lakes 'christmas' ale, ohio  7.5% ABV               
schlafly 'christmas' ale, missouri  8% ABV     
bell’s 'christmas' ale, michigan  5.5% ABV                   
summit ‘winter’ ale, minnesota  6.2% ABV