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local craft beer

‘sweet sixteen’ blood orange saison   (5.3%,13 oz.) 
21 IBUs, fresh orange zest aroma, followed by bright citrus sweetness, complimented by lemon pepper, floral spiciness a& a clean and slightly tart finish

‘spaceship’ ipa    (6.9%, 16 oz.) 
55 IBUs, lemon, lime, fresh grapefruit, creamy toast and melon on the nose; grape, vanilla, dank, orange, passion fruit, grapefruit, pine, cream & lavender on the tongue

‘rum raisin’ russian imperial stout
  (8.5%,  8.5 oz.) 
53.5 IBUs, baker's chocolate, heavy cream & vanilla, followed by molasses, rum & raisin

‘uncommon’ saison   (5.3%,  13 oz.) 
21 IBUs, banana followed by grapefruit with notes of malty sweetness and black pepper on the nose, cardamom, orange peel & lemon pepper on the finish

‘mutti’s’ kölsch    (5.2%, 10 oz.) 
18 IBUs, fresh bread crust, grain, toast, heavy cream, honey, vanilla & cantaloupe on the nose; more of the same on the tongue with a medium to light mouthfeel, with the addition of rose water, chrysanthemum & light stone fruit

‘monks libation’ strong ale    (8.7%, 10.5 oz.) 
23 IBUs, dark sugar, fig, plum, dark cherry, rosewood, cedar, vanilla, heavy cream, caramel, medium mouthfeel, lingering finish

‘certifiable’ pale ale    (4.6%, 16 oz.) 
35 IBUs, tangerine, lime, toffee, caramel, honeysuckle, toasted malt; followed by mango, passion fruit & lime with a bready, but clean finish

bottles & cans
tyranena ‘bitter woman’ ipa, wisconsin,  (5.75%, 12 oz.)          
lagunitas ipa, chicago (6.2%, 12 oz.)                   
great lakes ‘edmund fitzgerald’ porter, ohio  (5.8%, 12 oz.)   
metropolitan ‘flywheel’ lager, chicago  (5%, 12 oz.)            
capital ‘supper club’ lager, wisconsin (5.2%, 12 oz.)            
two brother’s ‘cane and ebel’ red rye ale, illinois (7%, 12 oz.) 

vandermill ‘totally roasted’ apple pecan cider, michigan  (6.8%, 13 oz.)   

guest handles  (% abv, serving size) 
solemn oath 'punk rock for rich kids’ apa, illinois (5.5%, 13 oz.)  
two brothers ‘northwind’ imperial stout, illinois (9.1%, 13 oz.)  
off color ‘troublesome’ gose, chicago (4.3%, 10.5 oz.)   
dark horse ‘reserve special’ black bier, michigan (7.5%, 13 oz.)   

craft beer flight (four 4oz. pours of your choice from our draft list)