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local craft beer

greenstar certified organic 'oktoberfest bier'  chicago (5%, 16oz)
22 IBUs, It's that time of year when people gather from around the world for the biggest beer Fest of the year!  In a six week period, nearly seven million people visit Munich to enjoy the special beer that they brew just for the festival, delicious food, and all things Bavarian.  At Greenstar we've brought the tastes of Munich to you with our Marzen style lager, and even gone a step further to make it certified organic!  Bready and roasty, caramel, and light cream flavors from the heavy amounts of Munich malt greet you on the nose and then the tongue followed by floral and spicy notes from the nobel hops, with a nice clean finish.  Truly a great beer to celebrate the changing of the seasons.  So don your Dirndl, or Lederhosen and raise a glass to celebrate life!  Prost!

greenstar certified organic 'black currant kolsch'  chicago (5.3%, 10oz)
18 IBUs, this year, in celebration of the harvest from our certified organic farm,  we decided to take part of our traditional Kölsch and infuse it with some black currants fresh from our garden boxes!  This beer has a wonderful floral and honey aroma, with a nice clean mouthfeel and a subtle grainy sweetness to balance the wonderful dark currant flavor.  Perfect  as a dessert beer, or at anytime of the meal or the day that you want to celebrate the fruits of the harvest!

greenstar certified organic 'ipa'  chicago (6.9%, 16oz)
55 IBUs, IPA should be a perfect celebration of hops!  It should be full of hop flavor with enough bitterness to know its there, but not enough to knock your taste buds out with the first sip. Greenstar IPA is no exception, it has a wonderful orange marmalade aroma, the first taste gives a creamy malt sweetness, almost instantly balanced by a smooth bitterness and then a bouquet of piney, tangerine and grape from the blend of organic hops. 

greenstar certified organic 'willy's witbier'  chicago (5.2%, 13oz)
17.6 IBUs, this is a very special beer named after our owner, Helen's, father, and brother who are both named Wilhelm.  Both men enjoy a good witbier, and I'm confident that Greenstar's interpretation will stand up to the challenge!  This delicious beer has a nice creamy malt flavor from the generous additions of wheat and oats. Then you enjoy citrus notes from the organic orange peel additions, and, in celebration of this year's harvest, an addition of fresh green coriander from our organic farm lending a candy like sweetness, fresh lime notes, and hints of cilantro.

Brewery Vivant  'big red coq' red ale, michigan 13oz / 6% ABV  
Solemn Oath 'nourri au fourrage' milk stout, chicago  13oz / 6% ABV  
Two Bros 'domaine dupage' french country ale, illinois  13oz / 5.9% ABV  
Tyranena 'painted ladies' pumpkin spice ale, wisconsin  13oz / 7.5% ABV  
Three Floyds 'Jinx Proof' lager, indiana  16oz / 5.1% ABV  
Vander Mill 'totally roasted' cider, michigan  10.5oz / 6.8%  ABV  
Dark Horse ‘scotty karate’ scotch ale, michigan  13oz / 9.75%  ABV  

*all draft beers also available in a 5 ounce pour  

craft beer flight (four 5oz pours of your choice)  

bottles & cans
Two Brother's ‘cane & ebel’ hopped red rye, illinois  7% ABV     
Capital ‘supper club’ lager, wisconsin  5.2% ABV  
Goose Island ‘matilda’ belgian pale ale, chicago  7% ABV  
Great Lakes ‘edmund fitzgerald’ porter, ohio  5.8% ABV  
Metropolitan ‘flywheel’ lager, chicago   5% ABV  
Revolution ‘rosa’ hibiscus ale, chicago  5.8% ABV