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The world studies us constantly. Light plays with us from everywhere. So does the dark. Intertwining everything. Through painting, Iím learning how to return the worldís gaze. Itís daunting, for even the quickest glance opens and opens and opens. What if, at the intersection of the world and our mindís eye, we werenít obliged to go one way, but could venture in all directions at once? I explore this possibility in my painting. __________________ Pamela Callahan was born and raised in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and received a B.A. in Studio Art from Lawrence University. For fifteen years, Pamela lived and worked in Chicago, where she exhibited widely. She was involved with Woman Made Gallery for the duration of her time in the city, as volunteer, gallery director, and advisor. In 2004, Pamela returned to Wisconsin and co-created Otter Creek Arts, a rural art studio amidst the hills and valleys of the Driftless Area. Pamela Callahan ~ Paintings Otter Creek Arts 608-935-5740
Starving in the Belly of the Whale
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