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Take home some of our certified organic & fair trade coffee today

1 pound bags available at both uncommon ground locations

uncommon classics          


uncommon house blend

uncommon ground blend, regular or decaf


uncommon espresso       

latte or cappuccino       

uncommon cocoa          
omanhene chocolate, steamed milk & whipped cream

mocha latte       
omanhene chocolate, espresso & steamed milk &
whipped cream

steamed milk & any flavor

house made chai latte     
black tea, traditional chai spices & steamed milk

house made syrup flavors          
vanilla, caramel, cinnamon, almond
soy milk     



muddy waters             
vanilla bean house-infused whiskey,
omanhene chocolate, espresso & steamed milk

neal cassady           
vanilla bean house-infused whiskey,
uncommon espresso, steamed maple cream

the shakes             
cinnamon house-infused whiskey, orange liqueur, uncommon espresso, topped with whipped cream

cold-n-flu buster             
organic house-infused ginger prairie vodka,
chamomile lemon tea, house made honey liqueur, lemon





almond joy latte           
house infused almond syrup, organic coconut milk, omanhene chocolate, espresso

salted caramel latte               
espresso, house made caramel and vanilla syrup,
steamed milk, salt

klug farms apple cider               
warm michigan apple cider

ginger tea             
warm green tea & house made ginger syrup

buzzy bee             
espresso, steamed soy milk & honey

the smashing pumpkin             
espresso, pumpkin spice syrup,
bobtail pumpkin ice cream, milk


Republic of Tea selections


british breakfast
british breakfast - decaf
earl greyer
earl greyer - decaf

organic cedarberg red
organic mint fields
chamomile lemon

people's green (regular or decaf)
organic lemon green tea with honey
organic tumeric ginger