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"The Country's 1st Certified Organic Rooftop Farm!" (M.O.S.A. Oct, 2008)

Roof Top Farm in the Summer

"We have a great culinary group here in Chicago.
Great restaurants. Great chefs. Uncommon Ground
will be the future right here for many of those restaurants. The customer wants this."
- Mayor Richard M. Daley

Here comes Summer!
2013 tours of America's first certified organic rooftop farm will resume beginning Saturday May 4th at 10AM. Tours will be offered every Saturday at 10AM through the end of October 2013 (weather permitting).  Tours cost $10 per person and last between 30 and 45 minutes.  Tour guests will also receive 10% off their brunch/lunch (to be redeemed same day). Call 773-465-9801 to make your reservation now!

Welcome Farmer Jen!  Jen Rosenthal takes over uncommon ground's Certified Organic Roof Top Farm operation as well as overseeing the organic sidewalk cafe farm at Clark & Grace.
Farmer Jen

Welcome Assistant Farmer George!

George Papadakis is from Westchester, Illinois. He began studying
urban farming at Loyola University Chicago. There, he was introduced
to  Uncommon Ground's Rooftop Farm Internship where,  under the
tutelage of Dave Snyder, he  would learn everything from seed starting
to broadcasting theories from a Japanese Buddhist monk who died from
malnutrition( shoutout to internclass 2011). Since then he has worked
with Bronzeville Community Garden and the Jane Addams Hull-House
Heirloom Farm. He feels real lucky and is extremely thankful to be
working at Uncommon Ground.

Goodbye Farmer Dave:  We'll miss you 
Dave Snyder has been working in urban agriculture in Chicago for eight years.  In addition to working at Uncommon Ground, he is the founder of the Chicago Rarities Orchard Project and a steering committee member at Ginkgo Organic Gardens.  Previously, Dave worked as an academic administrator, radio producer and cartographer. His poems and writings have appeared in the Colorado Review, Huffington Post, Best American Poetry and elsewhere. Dave has received fellowships and awards from the Illinois Arts Council, the Iowa Review, Writers @ Work, and the Jentel Artist Residency.

Dave Snyder uncommon ground Organic Roof Top Farm Director

All Media Requests should be directed to Michael Cameron via

Gigapan!  What's a Gigapan?
Well, our good friend Zoran Orlic of Zero Studios dropped by the roof top farm to take
some photos with his new robotic camera toy.  We rented a 60 foot boom lift & took some
fun afternoon shots of the roof top farm from above.  Check out this link below & make sure to wave "hello"
to farmer Dave!  (you can zoom all the way in on him, he's the one in the cowboy hat!)

Roof Top Farm Aerial View

Zoran also took a fun 360 degree view from the roof so you can see what's growing now

Roof Top Farm 360 view

Ahhh, Summer at last!

The pole beans are really taking off!

The solar panels have been heating most of our water these days!

Here are some "before" pictures of the roof top farm as we get it prepared to plant for the summer season.
uncommon ground

Spring pre-planting

Getting the soil ready Spring

Even in the chilly Spring air, we're still heating our water with the solar panels

Please direct all media inquiries to Michael Cameron
You can reach him via

uncommon ground   1401 West Devon Avenue  Chicago, IL  60660   773-465-9801