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uncommon ground offers a variety of different packages to meet your party hosting needs. 

We believe in working directly with the host to develop the best party package to fit your budget & taste.


Travis Todd  773.465.9801




ANY PARTY BOOKED DURING THE MONTH WILL RECEIVE 10% OFF ENTIRE BILL (Party does not have to take place in this month)




SMALL PLATES PACKAGE (Guest Choose 5 appetizers or small plates, all served family style)
Start at $20 per person


APPETIZERS- PRICED PER TRAY—(Tray feeds 50 guests)—Range from $85 to $250 per tray


PLATED DINNERS (Pre-Order, Guests are offered up to 4 choices)
Start at $25 per person


FAMILY STYLE DINNERS (Guests choose up to 4 items prepared in a family shared platter style)


CUSTOMIZABLE MENUS (Seasonal Party Menus)-
This includes off menu items and specialty items and starts at $40 per person, subject to seasonality



Non Alcoholic (Includes soda, tea, coffee, juice, etc..)

Specialty Non Alcoholic  plus Cocktail (Includes all inclusive non-alcoholic specialty plus signature cocktail per person  (All Inclusive Package)

Beer & Wine & Cocktails (All Inclusive Packages)   
2 Hour                                                
3 Hour                                                 
Additonal Hours or All Night                


uncommon ground offers five different packages to meet your party hosting needs. 
We believe in accommodating each host's vision and budget to the best of our ability.

contact: Travis Todd  773.465.9801