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Jay Schraub’s Monday Writers Night - 7PM | $10

  • Uncommon Ground (Edgewater) 1401 West Devon Avenue Chicago, IL, 60660 United States (map)
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Jay Schraub‘s Monday Writers Night

Jay Schraub is a singer/songwriter from Chicago, IL. He has released 2 albums, with singles charting on XRP Radio in the UK, and played locally on XRT Radio, WGN Morning News, and 103.9 The Fox. Jay’s passion for singer/songwriter style music has brought him to bring together some of Chicago’s very talented and uprising singer/songwriters for a night of music. It will be a round robin evening like the Nashville style writers nights, and the old San Fran 60’s coffee house vibes. With him this exciting evening is Ross Childs of Second City and Voice Power Chicago, Matt Buck from the band “The Broken” and Ramon Guillen from the band In Circles. The night promises to be an exciting mix of styles and songs.

Ross Childs knows his way around a song. And he's hilarious. He knows his way around a hilarious song. As a graduate of both the iO and Second City Training Centers, he's become well versed in the incredibly disciplined art of ‘Ha-Ha’.

In the kitchen, he's known as “The Gilded Leopard”, as he whips up culinary delights from every corner of his apartment. On stage, he delivers the same level of delicious excellence that one would expect from such a grand individual.

Matt Buck is an alternative rock songwriter from Chicago. Matt Buck's sound is diverse, ranging from the alternative sounds of the 90s to the more folky sounds of early blues, blending to form a style well defined.

Ramon Guillen is a Chicago garage rock songwriter that reflects the blues roots of the city and the melting pot aestheticism by which the city's spirit is molded. Ramon delivers a grittier form of the blues while embodying the spirit of the music we all enjoy. Ramon's lyrics are as piercing as his vocal presence and chaotic guitar.