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Avon Dale w/ Hitsleep, Tony Raney - 7pm | $10

  • Uncommon Ground (Edgewater) 1401 West Devon Avenue Chicago, IL, 60660 United States (map)


A few years ago, Avon Dale played a series of shows to bid farewell to its founding guitarist, leaving the band to teach abroad. That mini-tour hit three cities, each of which could stake a claim at being the band’s hometown: Champaign-Urbana, Chicago, and Memphis.

The band first formed in the cornfields of the Midwest in their college town of Champaign-Urbana. Chicago was home, where they found their most loyal fanbase. And in 2013, they moved to Memphis, where they found the legendary Ardent Studios and producer/engineer Mike Wilson, who has helmed all three of their records – EPs Dress it Up (2014) and Little Ditty (2016), and their forthcoming debut full-length, Whiskey and Sherbet. 

But fittingly those cities also serve as a sort of sonic road map for Avon Dale, whose sound is Midwest roots rock meets Chicago blues meets Southern soul. They’ve spent plenty of time tearing up the roads between those cities, and across the country, touring steadily since the release of their debut EP. Their 2017 summer outing, dubbed the Strings and Rust Tour after a lyric on the Little Ditty EP, was both an initiation and a three-month long celebration – they’d quit their day jobs to pursue music full-time.

With so much time spent on the road, it’s no surprise that the four-piece – Conrad Polz (lead vocal, guitar), Alec Heist (drums), Drew Allen (bass), Patrick Vaughan (guitar) – is a powerful live act. Their tight rhythm section, blues-inspired electric guitar riffs and soulful vocals make them danceable, drinkable, perfect for your fleeting night out – and their songs, which range from tender and plaintive to gritty and wry, are what bring you back as a lifelong fan.

Hitsleep is an alternative rock band hailing from Chicago, IL. Punches of reggae and pop music make way for a pleasantly unique listening experience.

Low points of depression, excessive suicide attempts & divorce are no strangers to the artist who is Tony Raney. Originally hailing from Florida, and growing up in Wilkesboro NC. Darkness intertwined with inspiration, Raney has spent the last twenty years experiencing life, loss and triumph drifting along the coast.
Tony eventually ended up back in Nashville where he currently lives. A move heralded by Zachary Gresham, his longtime musical collaborator & producer whom he met back in 1996 when they started as high school rivals then became best friends. They also recorded an album together in 2005, with experimental 5 piece rock group Good Lunar Aspect. Zack has been an integral part of Tony’s musical and life journey.
In the throws of rebounding himself and finding the identity he had let slip away. Tony is ready to offer his well earned and distilled multimedia gift to the masses. Tony will be releasing new music later this Spring and touring regionally.