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Nick Crook w/ Cassidy Rae & Jack Costanza - 7pm | $10

  • Uncommon Ground (Edgewater) 1401 West Devon Avenue Chicago, IL, 60660 United States (map)


His ears singled out The Beatles as his primary auditory nourishment during his early years. From ages 12 to 14, Nick Crook almost exclusively listened to the greatest band of all-time. Supplemented by Motown soul singers like Marvin Gaye and Smokey Robinson, the early seeds of a later sound began to form.

After graduating from high school back in Texas in 2013, he soon moved to San Diego, prime to put his music on display for whomever was willing to listen. The work began in earnest. Crook played anywhere he could. From open mics to cafes to bars, his music could be heard anywhere someone was willing to let him play. His sound continued to develop. All the time spent listening to the music that very first inspired him as well as others like Bob Marley, Kendrick Lamar, John Mayer and Hank Williams, listeners developed their expectation of a Nick Crook song. Every artist wants their listeners to know what they are getting, even when their favorite artist tries something new. It took time, but Crook is at that moment.

Nick continues to write, play, sing and perform wherever and whenever he can. His passion for his craft continues to shine through all of the music he produces. He's thankful to all those who have supported him on his journey. He is happy and blessed to bring all of his heart and soul to his many listeners. He just wants to make good music…

Cassidy Rae is a Rockford raised and Chicago based artist. Singing since the age of 5, Cassidy studied classical voice in college where she developed her craft, infused with R&B and soul. With every set, she now yearns to speak to all through every song, cover or original.

Co-Stanza (Jack Costanza & band) formed in his home town of Naperville, Illinois. Since then, he has experimented with many different genres before finding the alternative/indie rock sound they have. Pulling from folk, pop, and R&B, Co-Stanza has created a unique sound. At 20 years old, Co-Stanza's music is intensely relatable with lyrics and moods that capture the ups and downs of life.