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Eric Peter Schwartz, Alberta, Eric Stafford Dinse, Hannah Frank - 7PM | $10

  • Uncommon Ground (Edgewater) 1401 West Devon Avenue Chicago, IL, 60660 United States (map)

Eric Peter Schwartz is a singer/songwriter from the Chicago area. The best way to describe his sound is "pop-tinged original folk-rock". He draws from influences like Bryan Adams, Warren Zevon, Paul Simon, Indigo Girls and Melissa Etheridge and his music covers a range of emotions from heartbreaking to funny to romantic to quirky. It always makes for a fun show. His latest album is 2017's HIGHWAY 45.

Alberta is the music of david boone. MMMMM is the title of his newest release.

“this record is really just the explosion of one thought, and each song is just some of the shrapnel”.

If this record came from an explosion, then the body it came from must be Frankenstein’s monster. Written on a salvation army piano, a couch modded guitar, and recorded in a garage built studio, it is hardly a record that screams slick, rather an album that is relentless in its exploration of color and attitude. Each song really does seem to float out somewhere on its own, but by the time all 11 tracks are through, the familiarity that at one time bound all together is obvious. Boone’s approach in the studio mirrors his approach outside of it. Four weeks after MMMMM was done, he sold all of his things, outfitted an old work van worthy enough to catch some rest in, and took off. Playing anywhere and everywhere, the 29 year old Detroit native -- who called Chicago & Seattle each home for a spell, has been on the road since, and doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.

Eric Stafford Dinse: "I like to call what I do 'Caustic Acoustic,' mixing a variety of styles - Americana, Rock-A-Billy, Blues, Punk. Including both instrumental & vocal music. Also currently playing as part of the League of Eric’s w/Eric Peter Schwartz . Past associations include Led Astray, G-Men, Alonzo Savage, Jeff Brown & the New Black, Jeff Brown’s Extra Large Trio, Matthew Morgan & the Family Band, Joan Anderson, Scott Herschler, Dan Clingman, Torchlily, and Deana K."

Working on a new CD - a collection of songs recorded over the last (10) years.

Hannah Frank is a Midwestern songwriter whose first forays into music swept through rural country blues, raw cowboy chords, and surprising lyrics. Soaking up Chicago's varied music scene, you will now also hear traces of jazz, world, rock and the electrifying energy of urban blues. Characters step out of songs as if out of a novel. The original songs and select covers are mysterious, evocative and fun.