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Terriers w/ Christopher Elam & The Lazarus Rocket - 8 PM | $10




Genre-hopping and subtly fusing melodic, Beatlesque pop music with folk, country and indie rock, "Terriers is the main project of singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Danny Cohen. Their debut album ""Unrequited Admiration Society"" (2013) was produced by Dan Duszynski (Cross Record", Gold Motel), and they quickly began sessions for a followup that winter with Bobby Lord (Springtime Carnivore, Jagged Jaw). After several lineup changes, studio moves and general BIG LIFE THINGS, "their second album ""I Don't Still Want to Unless You Want to"" will be released in the fall of 2017. Jokes they've already heard include ""Did you guys do the theme song to that FX show Terriers?"""

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Christopher Elam is a singer/songwriter, producer, and engineer from Chicago. He owns and runs Number Thirteen studio.


The Lazarus Rocket is a solo indie rock artist based in Chicago, Illinois. The music is a tasteful blend of acoustic, indie rock, hip-hop, alternative and pop music centered around the songwriting of the lead singer Nate Olson. The artist formed in 2016 and in addition to performing charity concerts and countless shows around the area, has performed alongside notable local artists such as The Long Lost, Brittnee Meghan, Quiet Mountain, The Darling Suns, etc. With haunting lyrics about traumatic loss, heartbreak, and finding the strength to turn your life around woven into driving loops and unconventional arrangements, this songwriter is bound to turn every head in the room. Olson is best known for his raw unabashed vocals that will twist your heart in a knot, impressive smooth tenor range, and powerful new-soul flavor.