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Martin Coad

Martin started home brewing in 2006 with a kit purchased for him for Christmas, "It’s ironic when you discover something that you’re really passionate about, it’s hard to stay away!,” says Coad.  He then spent all of his free time reading and perfecting the art of brewing beer.  After a lot of brewing, he decided to get into the industry and started working for a local home brew store, Brew and Grow in Chicago.  Martin learned all about brewing different styles, brewing theory and crafting different recipes while working side by side with Brew and Grow’s Head Brewer for their chain.  From there, Martin went on to become the Brewmaster for Hofbräuhaus Chicago.  While at Hofbräu, he studied under the International Technical Director of brewing for Hofbräu München and became fluent in German brewing traditions and techniques.  Martin opened up Greenstar Brewing at Uncommon Ground in July of 2014, and following the restaurant's ongoing commitment to sustainability, led the process to become certified organic.  The first certified organic brewery in Illinois!