The four ingredients used to make beer are: Malt, Water, Hops, and Yeast.  Malt comes from grain that is conventionally grown in fields and heavily sprayed with pesticides, carrying a residue even into finished beer!  Hops are also heavily dosed with pesticides. Organic beer means the no pesticides were used to grow any ingredients used in the beer.  Also, there is some Genetic Modification that happens to some ingredients used in beer.  Organic beer is Non-GMO.  There are also chemicals that commonly get added during the brewing process.  Brewers add chemicals to increase the foam, chemicals to decrease the foam.  There are chemicals to make the beer more clear or less clear.  There are even chemicals to make it easier to boil the beer.  Over all there are a lot of things that go into a beer that are not generally talked about, and probably not necessary.  We brew organically because we want you to be able to order a beer from uncommon ground, and have it only contain beer.  Which is probably what you’re ordering, if you’re ordering a beer!

Beer is mostly agricultural, Isn’t all beer vegan?

In point of fact, all beer should be vegan, but unfortunately it’s not always.  There’s an ingredient that gets added to some beers that is called, “Isinglass” that is derived from a fish bladder.  Breweries argue that the addition of Isinglass will help to make the beer more clear, and therefor more cosmetically appealing.  Also, Gelatin is added to some beers, which commonly comes from horse hooves.  Gelatin is also a beer clarifying agent.  Greenstar beer is completely free from any animal products, and therefor vegan!

What does “Gluten Removed” mean?

Beer could be easily characterized as a fermented gluten based product.  Malt is made from barley or wheat, usually, and these grains naturally contain gluten and have for a very long time.  Recently, a discovery was made that the use of an enzyme that is derived from a specific strain of aspergillis niger bacteria that works with the yeast during a regular fermentation and removes most of the gluten!  We use this enzyme in all of our beers!   This means that those with Celiac’s disease, or a very strong sensitivity to gluten, should probably still not drink our beers.  However, if you have a less severe sensitivity to gluten, you can most likely drink our beer!